Hi, I’m Rachel…wife, mama to 3, lover of light, sushi, hoop earrings and just about any spot near the water.

Five years ago my second child was born and my passion for photography was ignited.  I saw my children growing up so quickly in front of my eyes and I wanted to stop time.  I longed to capture them exactly as they were.  Fresh out of the bathtub, rosy cheeked after a nap, playing dress up and squealing as I pushed them ‘higher’ on the swing.  Dressing them up for pose-y portraits made me miserable and what I really wanted was to capture their emotion, their connection, real moments, so that one day I could look back and relive them all over again.  Photography has allowed me to do just that.

Today the walls in my home are filled with modern portraits of my family, our life and our story.  Beautiful, authentic moments that will transport me back to that time, again and again.

I would be honored to do the same for you.

XO – Rachel

Rachel McCalley


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