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10 on 10 | June {A Personal Project}

Our oldest has loved baseball for as long as I can remember.  As a toddler he would copy his favorite player’s stances and even memorized most of their numbers.  When he’s not watching a Phillies game on TV he’s hitting balls in the backyard and running into the neighbor’s yard to retrieve them.  He still races to the TV every morning {before his little brother can turn on Disney or Nick Jr.} to check the scores or watch highlights from the previous night’s games.  He’s even DVR’d a few and watched them the next day.  And once the snow melts away I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t hear, “Hey Dad, can you throw me a couple of balls?”

This Spring he was so excited for his first season of “Coach Pitch.”  He was one of the smallest and youngest on the team.  His t-shirt fell past his knees and his pants barely fit {even with the elastic pulled tight and waist band folded over}.  But he loved every minute of it.  He jumped out of bed each game day morning to check the schedule taped inside our pantry door, just to see who his team would be playing and if they were home or away.  He even kept track of their wins and his own personal stats.  Even though I spent most of the game at the snack bar feeding my younger two,  I loved game days and I loved watching him out there {with his Dad proudly assisting}.  And whether he got on base or struck out, it was awesome to see his team mates and coaches cheering him on, encouraging him every step of the way.  He grew a lot this season {on and off the field} and we’re really proud of him.  I know he’s already looking forward to next Spring.

So, I’m breaking a few rules here {mostly mine}.  I did take these in June, however rather than over the course of one day, they were taken in about 15 minutes.  There are a few more than 10 images.  There are no captions or time stamps.  {I’ve decided to let the photos speak for themselves this time.}  It’s an entire 10 on 10 dedicated to my boy and his love of the game.

Here’s our June 10 on 10…

Rachel McCalley South Jersey Children

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