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Family Sessions:

Family sessions are held in/around your home or an outdoor location of your choice.  We’ll spend about 1 1/2-2 hours together.  Family sessions are for immediate family members [up to 5 people] with an additional charge of $25 for each additional member.  Pets can also take part in the session!  Sessions are relaxed, playful and most of all, fun!  We’ll plan the session around a short activity or tradition that’s special to your family [pancake breakfast, bedtime stories, a picnic, fort making, apple picking, a hike, guitar playing, etc.]  I’ll be shooting and you’ll be playing [with a just a teensy bit of direction] so that you come away with photos that are meaningful to your family.

*Please contact me for details and pricing.  


Newborn Sessions:

Newborn sessions are always held in/around your home.  We’ll spend about 3 hours together [with lots of breaks for feedings and diaper changes].  Newborn sessions are also very relaxed because I let the baby take the lead.  Instead of posing, I encourage parents and family members to hold and interact with the the baby and I’ll wait for sleepy moments to capture the baby individually.  I do not use props, however I do encourage the use of items that have sentimental value to your and your family [i.e. an antique bassinet, family quilt, or handmade items].  In my opinion, these types of items, used naturally throughout your session, can help bring more meaning to your photos.


*Please contact me for details and pricing. 

Maternity Mini-Sessions:

Maternity mini-sessions are held only in conjunction with a paid newborn session.  Mini maternity sessions last about 30 minutes and take place at an outdoor location within 25 miles of zip code 08090.  These sessions typically take place in your third trimester [about 34-36 weeks] or sooner.  Spouses and pets are encouraged to participate in this type of session.


*Please contact me for details and pricing.


Freelance & Editorial Photography:

Collaborations with local businesses who want their craft captured in an authentic way.  This could be (but not limited to) farms, breweries, florists, artists, painters, and craftsmen.  Photos can include headshots as well as on-site photographs capturing you at work and your place of business.

*Please contact me for details and pricing.  Barters are also encouraged!